12 jan. 2012

More time for your self.

Real quick checking facebook twitter and all the other social networks.
Because class is so boring or your still in the bus to school or work...
But lets face it . All day long where surfin on our mobile phones.
We can't life without the internet! Its so true!
Its gives us stress.
The day is so much longer without checking your phone 50 times a day.

I'm so addicted to my phone.
But next week there is a challenge for me . To life 1 whole week without my mobile phone and social networks.

Just hang out with friends , Make my homework on time and focus more on school.

Join the challenge!!

11 jan. 2012

Disney Princesses

Snow White
by Michelle Phan

My Favorite : Ariel The Little Mermaid .
by dope2111

Disney Pocahontas
by dope2111